Mon 24 Mar 2014  

getdns-0.1.1 release



Packaging status

On behalf of the getdns API core team

release 0.1.1 of our getdns API implementation is now available at:

Binaries built from these sources will be posted to the project website over the next few days.

A detailed list of changes can be read in the github commit logs, a brief summary is in the ChangeLog file in the source tree.

* 2014-03-24 : Version 0.1.1
  * default to NOT build extensions (libev, libuv, libevent), handle
    --with/--without options to configure for them
  * Fixed some build/make nits
  * respect configure --docdir=X
  * Documentation/man page updates
  * Fix install and cpp guards in getdns_extra.h
  * Add method to switch between threads and fork mode for unbound
  * Fixes for libuv integration (saghul)
  * Fixes for calling getdns_destroy_context within a callback
  * Fixed signal related defines/decls