Wed 19 Oct 2016  

Second alpha release for getdns-1.1.0


We have a special NANOG68 second alpha release of getdns 1.1.0 available for early testing of a subset of features planned for this release.

This release introduces Stubby, a version of getdns_query that listens on the loopback interface and acts as a local stub resolver daemon. Stubby reads configuration files from /etc/stubby.conf and $HOME/.stubby.conf. Here is an example stubby configuration that configures Stubby to use the DNS-OARC TLS resolvers as its upstream:

{ dns_transport_list: [ GETDNS_TRANSPORT_TLS ]
, upstream_recursive_servers: [, 2620:ff:c000:0:1::64:25 ]

For more information, see the NANOG68 presentation:

Documentation is available at:

Beware that this documentation is not on par with Stubby operation yet. Expect an updated announcement on the website as soon as we have updated the documentation.

* 2016-10-19: Version 1.1.0-a2
  * Improved TLS connection management
  * OpenSSL 1.1 support
  * Stubby, Server version of getdns_query that by default listens
    on and ::1 and reads config from /etc/stubby.conf
    and $HOME/.stubby.conf

* 2016-07-14: Version 1.1.0a1
  * Conversion functions from text strings to getdns native types:
    getdns_str2dict(), getdns_str2list(), getdns_str2bindata() and
  * A getdns_context_config() function that configures a context
    with settings given in a getdns_dict
  * A a getdns_context_set_listen_addresses() function and companion
    getdns_reply() function to construct simple name servers.
  * Relocate getdns_query to src/tools and build by default
  * Enhancements to the logic used to select connection based upstream
    transports (TCP, TLS) to improve robustness and re-use of

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