Thu 06 Apr 2017  

Second release candidate for getdns-1.1.0


Dear all,

We have a second release candidate for the new feature release version 1.1.0 of getdns.

The first release has been extensively tested and used in the IETF98 Hackathon, which has let to some great hacks!, and also revealed some improvement potentials and even some bugs.

This second release candidate addresses those things:

  • The return_call_reporting extension now also returns the remote end's certificate if the interaction was over TLS.
  • Statefull connections with and idle_timeout > 0 will not be closed after doing a synchronous request anymore. This also involved a bugfix for naked timeout events with Windows.
  • Stability of the dnssec extensions in combination with statefull transports have been improved (and a bugfix in which this combination hang).
  • A default edns0 padding policy contributed by DKG.
  • A new function getdns_context_unset_edns_maximum_udp_payload_size() to reset to the default behaviour to have a maximum UDP payload size dependent on the address family; 1432 for IPv4 and 1232 for IPv6 to maximize receptivity.

Please review this release candidate carefully, if all is well, the actual release will follow Thursday the 13th of April.

* 2017-04-??: Version 1.1.0
  * bugfix: Reschedule request timeout when getting the DNSSEC chain.
  * getdns_context_unset_edns_maximum_udp_payload_size() to reset
    to default IPv4/IPv6 dependent edns max udp payload size.
  * Implement sensible default edns0 padding policy.  Thanks DKG.
  * Keep connections open with sync requests too.
  * Fix of event loops so they do not give up with naked timers with
    windows.  Thanks Christian Huitema.
  * Include peer certificate with DNS-over-TLS in combination with
    the return_call_reporting extension.

* 2017-03-23: Version 1.1.0-rc1
  * More fine grained control over TLS upstream retry and back off
    behaviour with getdns_context_set_tls_backoff_time() and
  * New round robin over the available upstreams feaure.
    Enable with getdns_context_set_round_robin_upstreams()
  * Bugfix: Queue requests when no sockets available for outgoing queries.
  * Obey the outstanding query limit with STUB resolution mode too.
  * Updated stubby config file
  * Draft MDNS client implementation by Christian Huitema.
    Enable with --enable-draft-mdns-support to configure
  * bugfix: Let synchronous queries use fds > MAX_FDSETSIZE;
            By moving default eventloop from select to poll
    Thanks Neil Cook
  * bugfix: authentication failure for self signed cert + only pinset
  * bugfix: issue with session re-use making authentication appear to fail

* 2016-10-19: Version 1.1.0-a2
  * Improved TLS connection management
  * OpenSSL 1.1 support
  * Stubby, Server version of getdns_query that by default listens
    on and ::1 and reads config from /etc/stubby.conf
    and $HOME/.stubby.conf

* 2016-07-14: Version 1.1.0a1
  * Conversion functions from text strings to getdns native types:
    getdns_str2dict(), getdns_str2list(), getdns_str2bindata() and
  * A getdns_context_config() function that configures a context
    with settings given in a getdns_dict
  * A a getdns_context_set_listen_addresses() function and companion
    getdns_reply() function to construct simple name servers.
  * Relocate getdns_query to src/tools and build by default
  * Enhancements to the logic used to select connection based upstream
    transports (TCP, TLS) to improve robustness and re-use of


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