Mon 04 Sep 2017  

getdns-1.1.3 release



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Dear all,

We have a new bugfix release version 1.1.3 of getdns.

The brew formula for getdns and Stubby were conflicting because they both installed Stubby. To resolve, we gave Stubby its own repository ( with getdns as a library dependency.

This release will allow for two complementary brew formulas.

  1. One that installs the getdns library and the getdns_query tool with:
    brew install getdns
  2. Another one that installs Stubby and (implicitly) the getdns library:
    brew install stubby

This release does include the new Stubby from its own repository too, but it is not build by default anymore. To build Stubby together with the library you must configure it with the --with-stubby option.

Besides this organizational matter, we have a few fixes for high priority bugs in this release:

  • When UDP upstreams were "temporarily" failing, the upstream selection process would crash when it would come back to the first specified UDP upstream after it initially failed.
  • High-load multi-threading environments had an serviceability issue, because file descriptors were closed repeatedly when they were finished. As a result, a freshly obtained reused file descriptor by some thread could become unusable because it would be closed by another thread immediately.

A few more minor bugs have been addressed with this release too. For a complete overview see the ChangeLog section below.

Picture of Dog at Home courtesy of Jolanta Penal

* 2017-09-04: Version 1.1.3
  * Small bugfixes that came out of static analysis
  * No annotations with the output of getdns_query anymore,
    unless -V option is given to increase verbosity
    Thanks Ollivier Robert
  * getdns_query will now exit with failure status if replies are BOGUS
  * Bugfix: dnssec_return_validation_chain now also works when fallback
    to full recursion was needed with dnssec_roadblock_avoidance
  * More clear build instructions from Paul Hoffman.  Thanks.
  * Bugfix #320.1: Eliminate multiple closing of file descriptors
    Thanks Neil Cook
  * Bugfix #320.2: Array bounds bug in upstream_select
    Thanks Neil Cook
  * Bugfix #318: getdnsapi/getdns/ links to nonexistent wiki
    pages.  Thanks James Raftery
  * Bugfix #322: MacOS 10.10 (Yosemite) provides TCP fastopen interface
    but does not have it implemented.  Thanks Joel Purra
  * Compile without Stubby by default.  Stubby now has a git repository
    of its own.  The new Stubby repository is added as a submodule.
    Stubby will still be build alongside getdns with the --with-stubby
    configure option.

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