Tue 03 Jun 2014  

getdns-0.1.2 release



Packaging status

On behalf of the getdns API core team:

release 0.1.2 of our getdns API implementation is now available at:

Binaries built from these sources will be posted to the project website over the next few days.

A detailed list of changes can be read in the github commit logs, a brief summary is in the ChangeLog file in the source tree.

* 2014-06-02: Version 0.1.2
  * Fixed rdata fields for MX
  * Expose only public API symbols
  * Updated manpages
  * specify_class extension
  * Build from separate build directory
  * Anticipate libunbound not returning the answer packet
  * Pretty print bindata's representing IP addresses
  * Anticipate absence of implicit DSO linking
  * Mention getdns specific options to configure in INSTALL
    Thanks Paul Hoffman
  * Mac OSX package built instructions for generic user in README.md
    Thanks Joel Purra
  * Fixed build problems on RHEL/CentOS due using libevent 1.x